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Nepal and Bangladesh should grow together;Minister Ghimire

Biratnagar,19th March; Speaking at round table program on ‘Promotion of Trade and Tourism;From Himalaya to cox’s Bazaar referring Social and Environment issue’, province minister for social development Hon.Jiwan Ghimire noted that Nepal and Bangladesh should cooperate each other for economic and social development.Minister Ghimire said’ most of the social problems of both countries are same,so we must work together to eradicate tabbos to establish happy prosperous society.

Ambassador of Bangladesh to Nepal HE Mashfee Binte Shams quoted that due to machine readable passport ,Bangladesh government is taking time to set up a technically sound system to provide on arrival visa for Bangladesh at land border of Bangladesh which will easily make access of people of province 1 to visit Bangladesh.She also quoted that there are lot of opportunity for Nepalese Businessman to export Nepalese goods to Bangladesh.

Participants in the program urged both the government representative to take fast initiation on Kathmandu Dhaka bus service for better mobility of people of two nations. Also the participants focused on improvement of custom process to improve trade between both countries.

The round table was organized by Youth Development center in collaboration with Embassy of People’s republic of Bangladesh in Nepal.

Chairman of Morang Byapar Sang Pawaan Sada presented on Trade oppurtunity Between Nepal and Bangladesh While Krishna Sah Presented on Tourism oppurtunity between Nepal and Bangladesh.

Arun Khadka,Founder Chair of Youth Development Center welcomed the guests in the program while youth think tank Abhinav Kumar Chaudhary coordinated Round table.

President of Nepal Bangladesh Friendship society in Eastern Region Dr Khalid Hussain,MlA Umita BK,MLA Navodita Chaudhary,MlA Suryoman Rai and several other dignitaries were present in the program.

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